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Bai Tu Long Bay VietNam

Bai Tu Long bay is located in the Ha Long city and its border is just a part of Ha Long Bay. This bay is not only famous for its beauty but it is also well known for some interesting legends and stories. It is said that in the Vietnam history, when there were invasions from the North and the enemy was so strong that ancient Vietnamese could not fight against them. Knowing that, the God of Heaven let a dragon and her children came to help our country fighting against the enemy. When the boats and ships of the enemy came inside the bay, these dragons made up many huge and powerful pearls to sink down the boats. After the pearls were thrown out, they became very strong rocky platform and mountain to slow down the speed of the enemy. The faster the boats and ships moved, the greater damage they got. After defeating the enemy, the dragons were afraid that they would come back, therefore, they decided to stay in the bay. The place where the mother of dragon stopped was call HaLong Bay and the place where the dragons' tails made up was called "Long Vi" and it is the Tra Co Island nowadays. Bai Tu Long was considered to be the place where the children dragon stayed to show their respect to the mother as well as to protect their mother

Bai Tu Long Bay has a rich biodiversity with typical ecosystems: mangrove ecosystem, coral reef ecosystem, ecosystem of tropical forests. It is home to various species of flora and fauna. There are 780 species of flora in Bai Tu Long Bay and 21 species among them are included in the list of Vietnam's Red Data Book. Scientists also found 931 species of aquatic animals there. In 2001, Bai Tu Long National Park was established with the area of 14 ha in order to preserve biodiversity in this region.


Bai Tu Long Bay Vietnam
Bai Tu Long Bay has the total population of 30.000 people whose livelihoods depend mainly on farming and fishing. On Bai Tu Long, there remain many archaeological relics of Halong Culture (dating around 3.000 – 2.000 BC) and historical trails of the ancient Van Don commercial port (in 13th century).
1. Things to do in Bai Tu Long Bay
hen tourists come to visit Bai Tu Long Bay, they still have chances to know more about the natural beauty of Cai Lang village as well as understand clearer about the daily life of the residents here.

This is one of the most ancient village of the island and Vietnam. Visiting the island there, tourists can sit in the tuktuk, a very special vehicle there. From the tuktuk, they can see the over view of the island. After visiting Bai Tu Long, many tourists claim that this bay is like a young beautiful lady with full of energy. Coming there, they can enjoy the whole day sunbathing in the sea side or taking a swim in the clean and fresh sea water. Besides, they can take a boat and sail in the bay, it is really fantastic.

A very interesting question is that what tourists can eat and enjoy when they come to this island. There is nothing to worry, in Bai Tu Long, they can have chances to taste and enjoy many special and delicious sea foods there. This will be an unforgettable memory of tourists after an interesting tour to Bai Tu Long.

2. How to get to Bai Tu Long Bay


Visit Bai Tu Long Bay by cruise tour

It is the same as Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, from Hanoi, tourists can get shuttle bus or private car to go to Quang Ninh province and then, go for about few kilometers to Van Don District. Tourists then take their favorite boat or cruise to get in the bay. Moreover, tourists can even come to Ha Long Bay, the place with many big and Luxury cruise and then choose the one that has the itinerary cross Bai Tu Long Bay.
Very easy to visit Bai Tu Long Bay by booking a Halong Bay cruise tour. Click here to see list of luxury Halong Bay cruise. Before book your trip don't forget to check weather in Halong Bay.

3. Best time to visit Bai Tu Long Bay
Like Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, the best time for visiting Bai Tu Long Bay is from late September to May. The other months, tourists can still come but because it is time of storms, therefore, maybe sometimes your cruises can be cancelled because of bad weather. Or if you like to swim in the beach, you should come from April to June because it is perfect temperature for swimming in the Bay.

4. Some Halong Cruise tour for Bai Tu Long Bay
Au co Cruise


Au Co Cruise Halong Bay

Au co cruise Halong Bay is the first and only luxury cruise operator offering full cruise program & itinerary in a single trip through world-renowned Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay & Cat Ba Island.

Dragon Pearl Junk or Red Dragon Junk


Halong bay cruise Dragon Pearl junk

Dragon Pearl Junk or Red Dragon Junk belong to Indochina junk company that also owns many cruise and has tour to Bai Tu Long Bay.

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