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3 reasons to spend Lunar New Year with Starlight Halong Cruise

Halong bay cruise

Lunar New Year, Vietnamese are known to it as Tết, is to be considered in February in 2016- the 18th February symbolizes the last day of the academic year of the horse and the 19th February symbolizes the very first day of the year of goat. Without any doubt, it is the biggest celebration of the year. Two famous cities, Hanoi and Saigon can be somewhat quit for some days with some increase in prices too.
Therefore if you don't bother about this function of Tet then, a Halong Bay cruise is considered tobe the match for your needs. Some of the important reasons to leave behind the other places and cities and spending Tet on a luxury Halong cruise with Starlight Halong Cruise's deluxe and luxurious cabins on the 18th February.
1. Ignore the Cities

Halong bay cruise

All around the Vietnam there can be quietness on these days as mentioned earlier. The places of foods, street foods hotels, restaurants be open but with a high increase in rate and price (can be higher still for foreign tourists) and hotels may have some very special Tet related or quoted rates. We can't say that silence is bad or not liked by some tourists because it's usual that tourist love the place with crowd. Some of the tourist like silent place to be in calm and relax for a while. Visitors to Vietnam lack behind in experiencing some authentic experience of the local cities of Vietnam, therefore it is better to ignore the cities and move to the world heritage place of natural and real beauty experience of the earth at Halong Bay with the best Halong Bay Cruise
2. Superb specialty foods

Starlight Halong Bay Cruise team offers an extra special menu for both lunch and dinner on the 18th specially focusing on the finest Halong Bay Cruises' cuisine. Some of the key-points of the special menu are roasted chicken thigh with honey and grilled sea bass with rock salt. Many of the conventional Tet foods-snacks are to be served including the classical Tet eating experience- Banh Trung/Tet. If you are in Vietnam specially on Tet, this sticky rice cake is a must-try; love it or hate it but it is the best. Some of the other Tet specialties include cold cuts and cakes of Vietnam; this all at one place makes your moment a remarkable for lifetime.
3. Experience the customs
The best part is to enjoy the delicious food on the open deck of the best Halong Bay Cruise. Apart from this is the custom game. Game is actually regarding luck of yours. You will be provided a packed envelope containing a mysterious amount of some money as a pocket money of yours. It's your fate and luck to have the best envelope.

Halong bay cruise


 The tour to Halong Bay and enjoyment of the best Halong Bay Cruise is such a really awesome decision to work on that you won't ever forget these moments, experienced in your Halong Bay Cruise tour.

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